Discover the unparalleled benefits of the Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair and Evolution Mobility Chair, designed to enhance comfort and mobility for nursing home residents who self-propel with their feet.

Here’s why these chairs are ideal:

  1. Fall Risk Reduction and Independent Mobility: The Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair minimizes the risk of falls while promoting independent mobility for residents, providing a safer alternative to conventional wheelchairs.
  2. Superior Positioning and Pressure Management: Unlike ordinary wheelchairs, the Scoot Chair ensures better positioning and pressure management, crucial for long-term comfort and health.
  3. Versatile Adaptability: Scoot Chairs are designed to adapt to a wide variety of individuals, catering to diverse needs and preferences.
  4. Attractive Non-Institutional Design: With its appealing, non-institutional appearance, the Scoot Chair offers an exceptional comfort level, making it a welcome alternative to standard geri-chairs or wheelchairs.
  5. Adjustable Features for Safety: The chair’s adjustable seat height, seat depth, and tilt control provide safer foot propulsion, especially for individuals at risk of falling in conventional wheelchairs.
  6. Enhanced Freedom and Reduced Agitation: Dyn-Ergo Chairs promote greater personal freedom of movement, helping to reduce agitation for those with cognitive difficulties, thus maintaining dignity and independence.
  7. High-Quality Cushions for Maximum Comfort: Equipped with removable and replaceable cushions made from high-resiliency foams and upholstered in contract-grade leatherette or Crypton™, the chairs ensure lasting comfort and durability.
  8. Standard Pressure Management Cushion: The Scoot Chair includes a standard pressure management cushion to mitigate shearing, heat buildup, and pressure, ensuring optimal comfort and skin protection.

Embrace the Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair for a perfect blend of safety, mobility, and comfort in long-term care settings.

Download the Scoot Chair Manual here.

Mobility Scoot Chair by Dyn-Ergo

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