Transform your life with better sleep + safety for your loved one.

Complete Care is excited to announce that they will now offer residents of Northeast Alabama, Cubby Beds. Smart Beds for those with Special Needs.

***Covered by Medicaid + Some Insurances

Rest Easy Knowing Your Child’s Needs Are Met.

Cubby's advanced features make it the top choice for safety-conscious parents, but its thoughtfully crafted design is what will capture your kiddo's heart.

- Designed to promote restful sleep while also providing a secure and calming environment that your kiddo will love.

- Dual-layer mesh + fabric doors provide protection against wandering and falls.

- 360 degrees of padded protection to guard against injury.

- Tech Hub features a camera, mic, and environmental sensors, in a safe and durable housing that zips right into the Cubby Bed.

- Circadian light provides the calming, psychological cue of sunset and sunrise to help your loved one go to sleep faster and wake up refreshed.

- Play relaxing sounds or music through the speaker directly from your device or simply use the pre-loaded nature sounds.

Wondering if your insurance covers the Cubby? Click here.

Contact your doctor today and ask if the Cubby Bed might be a good fit for your loved one.

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