On January 30th, The Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce recognized Complete Care, Inc. (CCI) as the 2023 Small Business of the Year. Voted on by the Chamber directors, Complete Care was picked for their positive influence on the community. This recognition not only honors the company's achievements but also highlights the vital role that small businesses play in driving economic growth and fostering a thriving community.

About Complete Care

Established in 1985 at a time when options for home medical equipment were scarce, Complete Care opened its doors to the community. Since its inception, the company has evolved into the most reliable name for home medical and respiratory supplies in Northeast Alabama. It has provided quality equipment to thousands of patients, meeting the healthcare needs of the community.

Founders (and siblings) Bob Matthews and Beth Westmoreland continue to maintain hands-on, day-to-day ownership, prioritizing exceptional customer service above all else. Their dedication has allowed rural Alabama access to the most advanced and modern medical equipment. The company’s growth and reputation as a dependable source of medical supplies in the region reflect their unwavering commitment.

Those in attendance at the banquet heard from longtime customer/patient about the importance of the home health service CCI provides. James David Durham has a chronic lung disease the makes it necessary for him to use oxygen at all times. During the banquet, he spoke of all those he’s met since his diagnosis, and said he sees doctors and nurses regularly. But the service provided by Complete Care – his oxygen – he depends on every day, for every breath.

Durham said after diagnosis, he’d only been home minutes before a van with a friendly technician from Complete Care pulled into his driveway, bringing him “what I needed to live.”

Complete Care is a premier Home Medical Equipment (HME) company serving the Northeast Alabama region. With a steadfast commitment to improving the quality of life for our valued customers, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of medical equipment and supplies for individuals in need of in-home healthcare solutions.