Preparing for holiday travel can be stressful, especially when you or a loved one is on medical oxygen. Proper planning and preparedness will help to avoid any headaches and allow you to enjoy your family. 

To help you out, we have created these 5 easy tips for Holiday Travel while on medical oxygen. 

Research & Plan

Start planning now (or couple months out) to make sure you have your prescriptions updated, required papers, or anything else that may be needed before making your travel arrangements. 

Speak with Your Doctor

It's always good to share with your doctor that you're traveling so that they can make sure you're up to date with prescriptions, vaccinations, and anything else to stay healthy.

Check for Any Requirements

Double check and ask your local travel provider of any requirements you may need if traveling by airplane, train, or abroad with your portable oxygen concentrator (POC). 

Plan for An Emergency

Be sure to know what to do in case of flare-ups or exacerbations. Research the nearest hospitals and keep a copy of your oxygen prescriptions and medications with you at all times. If planning on working with a local DME - be sure to touch base with them prior to your trip so they can expect your arrival. 

Know Your Triggers

Bring the proper clothing to protect your airways. Ask your hotel or choice of stay if they have good AC units and non-smoking rooms. Bring a mask if you are unsure of air quality.

Traveling when you are on supplemental oxygen might be an extra stressor during your holiday travel, but when you follow these 5 travel tips and have an OxyGo POC, it can help you – Keep Going!  

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